Žagar Novo mesto d.o.o. is a reliable and top-quality provider operating in the automotive industry. Development of metal component parts and production technologies, production (sheet metal stamping, deep drawing, welding, sawing, cutting and bending) and supply services together form an effective process compliant with the quality assurance standards in effect in the automotive industry. The company's advantage lies in the fact that it constructs its own tools and machines and has its own tool-making facility, where prototype and serial production tools can be made in the shortest time possible. Serial production tools can be used as a basis for prototypes, which are necessary when it comes to acquiring various projects as well as checking products before serial production starts.


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The company performs punching and deep drawing of pressings on eccentric and hydraulic presses employing a nominal force of up to 4,000 kN, with automatic or manual metal strip feeder. If necessary, individual components can be welded together using different techniques of welding and point bonding. The maximum dimensions of stamping tools are 2200 x 1500 mm. The thickness of sheet metal we can form ranges from 0.3 to 6.0 mm. All tools are constructed within the company, thus providing an additional guarantee in the making of end products. Our own tool-making facility enables us minimum response times in the maintenance process.

The company also provides a special service of redeploying tools and products which are already in the second half of their life cycle or the serial supply of which has already come to an end. In such cases, the quantities of products are intended for second installation as spare parts. 

The company builds its competitive advantage on lean organisation and highly skilled and motivated employees, who are proficient in technologies of sheet metal stamping and bending, surface treatment, and effective installation of assemblies for the automotive industry.

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